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What is the Yoga Mindset? 

  • Being aware of the activity of your mind in your body.

  • To identify more with the awareness of your mind in your body.

  • Practice to Be aware of all the hard-working parts of your mind and body doing their best to get you through situations based on where you want to go.

  • Practice to Be aware of how tired and exhausted all these parts of your mind and body are.  In your awareness all these parts can pause for a moment and take a break. Be encouragement by embracing all the parts of yourself.

  • Practice to Be aware of your parts that carry painful emotions, feelings, and beliefs.  Be the soft space for them to fall, rest, and be reassured.

  • Practice to Be aware of your parts that distract you from feeling painful emotions carried by other parts.  When unwanted feelings and/or emotions get too close to the surface or too strong these parts do a good job at defusing shame, guilt, self-doubt, fear, and anger, to name a few.  If left unchecked these parts can dig in and show up too often.  These parts working overtime to protect from feeling unwanted feelings may lead to an addiction or self-sabotaging behavior. 

  • Practice to Be aware of the wisdom that you are that knows the difference between what is in your power to change and that which is not in your power to change.  ​


Practicing the Yoga Mindset is calm, connected, confident, and a compassionate space.  When in the Yoga Mindset there is clarity to make the next best move.

  • Become radically more self-aware with the ability to self-regulate.

  • Improve listening & communication skills.

  • Gain emotional intelligence.

  • Improve relationships.

  • Get relief from fear, exhaustion, self-doubt.

I am committed to creating an inclusionary and accessible environment. I welcome you, however you identify. I want to see, support, uplift, and empower you.   I believe you deserve to shine.   So, believe in yourSELF,  and connect with me today!


 What is The Yoga Mindset?

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