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Monday Mindset Hike

*Start your day forest bathing.  Every part of you inside and out will feel calm, connected, and confident.
*Anchor in your awareness and observe, listen, and appreciate all the parts of your body as it strolls through the forest. 
*A playful pause for the mind to let go for a moment of all the things to do & get done.  Your mind and body work so hard to keep up and do a good job with the exterior activities of life. Sometimes the best choice is to step back and pay attention to the internal activity of life.  
It may be what every part of yourSelf needs to ease the stress. 
*Move confidently and courageously each moment throughout your day.  Sign up below.  10 spots available.

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The only way to understand the powerful impact of this work is it to have a direct experience with it yourself...

                                                                Karina Ayn Mirsky

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