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The only way to understand the powerful impact of this work is it to have a direct experience with it yourself...

                                                                Karina Ayn Mirsky

Connect with me, Invest in You

Click here email to sign up.  Feeling anxious, overwhelmed, and need to take a break.
Join me Mondays @ 10am for a Yoga Mindset Morning talk and walk-through nature. 60 minutes. Group.  Plainwell, MI $15.00
Click here email to schedule a Holy HeeHaw!  I Love my Life! 20-min. Mindset Session.

Attention Horse Lovers! 
This is a fun inner peace workshop.

     I am holding workshops for those interested in taking a break, letting go for a bit, and learning how to stay calm, connected, and centered in the middle of a round pen when the horses are acting up.

     If you notice overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious feelings and/or emotions this maybe a great workshop for you or someone you know.

     One of the reasons horse therapy works is because the one in the center has one job and that is to stay calm and clearly focused on the present moment when in a round pen with a 1000-pound animal.

     A 1000-pound horse, trust, let's go and lets the rider guide them.  

     At the completion of this workshop, you may feel more confident, capable, and courageous. You may also notice a more energized, restored, and refreshed feelings too.

     Location for this workshop is at our farm in Plainwell with our horse named Silk or our donkey named Mellie.  90-minute session. Price is $125.00.

Big Mind Big Heart Series

Tired of not getting what you want? 
The 1st question is "why do you want it"?
  • In this 5-part series we look at how the mind operates. In doing so we gain more             Self-realization, suffer less, and access a higher    state of awareness.
  • Self in the Yoga Mindset gives you the answer to the "why" question right now.  You do not have to wait for what you want to show up to experience the feelings/emotions of achieving it.
The 2nd question is where do you start?  
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