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Meet Yogi Jodie Dawn

Jodie is a daughter, sister, mother of 4, grandmother of 11, fiancé, friend, caretaker of 2 cats, a donkey, 5 chickens, cattle, and a garden. 

Jodie loves life to the fullest and enjoys sharing the present moment with everyone that shows up.  She has a gift to accept and appreciate people exactly as they are and treats everyone with the same level of curiosity and compassion.  She possesses this gift because she sees everyone as the gift.  




Alana England Centers, MI

     I enthusiastically recommend working with yoga teacher and Mindful Fitness coach, Jodie Perry, to bring a sense of grounding to your life, to achieve a balance of all the many parts of yourself that make you the unique individual you are.

     Jodie spends most of her waking hours in a state of awareness, a state of being awake and conscious. She can help you to get in touch with those parts of yourself that need your attention in order for the entire organism to operate smoothly. Come learn from a seasoned yogi and my personal guru😉🥰


Student & Friend,


Alana England Centers

Hastings, MI

Angela M. Normand, TX 

     I had the great pleasure of working with Jodie over several YMC private sessions. She allowed me the space to recognize my parts while bringing myself into balance and peace with Self. She guided me with soft suggestions and an open heart. She was attentive and patient allowing each my parts to find a voice.

     Jodie has a beautiful way of hearing you and seeing you. If you are looking to reconnect with yourself, find inner balance, and honor Self - Jodie is an excellent guide to help you. Her knowledge and kindness will stay with me for this lifetime. 

-Angela M. Normand, 500-RYT, YMC-BT

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